Monday, January 21, 2013

Double the Trouble

Unfortunately I have not found a long lost twin. Though that would be pretty exciting. Maybe I could get her to go to work for me...? 

The double refers to the Dumbo Double Dare taking place over Labor Day weekend this fall. RunDisney has added a new 10k race (that's half of a half marathon) to the weekend line up and even put an added spin on things. If you run both the 10k and half marathon, it's called the Dumbo Double Dare and you get a special medal. On top of the medals for the 10k and half. Aside from the fantastic time I have during the race, the added health benefits of training throughout the year, and the fun of racing with Dearest, I really really really love the shiny medals. So when the opportunity arose to earn not one, but three of them?! Heck yes! I may or may not have had to force coerce gently nudge Dearest into running both. 

Another great thing about runDisney events is that many of the runners dress in costumes. Tons of Princesses, lots of Minnies and a random assortment of other Disney characters. Dearest and I know that in order to run both, we won't be running all out for the 10k, which means we can dress up! Dearest is all for it (how did I get so lucky?) and I'm already brainstorming ideas. My first thought was to be the Slinky dog from Toy Story, until I realized how hard it would be to make and run with. Plus I think we'd become more of a road hazard than anything else. I'm considering the Little Green Men. But I'm leaning towards a Princess/Prince combo of some sort- Snow White & Prince Charming, Rapunzel & Flynn, Jasmine & Aladdin. I really just want to wear a tutu. :) 

Anyway, registration for the races officially open up tomorrow, but I kick started my training today. I haven't gone on a real run since my last half in September, so I know I've got a ways to make up. On another note, I've decided to keep a tally of how many miles I run in 2013. It'll be interesting to see the total at the end of the year. 

Stay tuned for more race training updates. 

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