Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Adventures of Dearest's Wedding Ring

Some of you may know that the wedding ring Dearest wears is not his first one. Not even the second one. In fact, it's ring # 3. Third time's a charm, right?

His original ring we were married with lives on a beach in Maui, taking up residence there just four days after our wedding. I like to think that we left a bit of our love there. But really, Dearest took it off to put on sunscreen and we lost it in the sand. I'm sure there are many other rings on that same beach.
A second ring (exactly the same as the first) was purchased in Maui. Could have been a nice reminder of our honeymoon. Unfortunately it wasn't the correct size and was exchanged within a month. 
Dearest's third ring, now the proper size, has been with him for over 2 years now. But not to be outdone by its predecessors, it has taken us on some interesting adventures. 

Less than a month shy of our 2 year Anniversary, the ring goes missing and we tear apart the apartment looking for it. This is where it's found:
Yes... That is a door. And yes. Dearest put it there.

6 Months Later.... Ring again goes missing. Apartment is again searched. (I did check all the doors.) This time we suspect it's fallen down the shower drain. After pulling apart the drain, it's definitely not there. Another thorough search of the apartment is done and just when we're about the give up, his ring is discovered. Can you find it? 
In Dearest's defense, he was cleaning the kitchen and didn't want it to roll away or get swept into the trash. 

 I've learned two very important things so far... 1. Dearest LOVES to put his ring on the most random things that stick out. 2. His ring tries to run away. Seriously. 

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  1. You need to buy dearest a chain to wear around his neck. If he wants someplace to safe to keep it while he's working with his hands.