Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The One-Month Mark

We passed the one-month mark of being married a couple days ago. :) Life has finally settled back into the normal groove of things, which has left me thinking about my "wifely tasks..." Since the wedding is over, I've been left with huge chunks of free time, most of which I fill with work (gotta make that money, honey), but I'm excited to be able to pick up my hobbies again!

I plan on getting back into sewing: I want to make curtains for some of our windows so we can open the blinds and let some of that wonderful sunlight in, without giving our creepy neighbors the chance at a peep show.
I also just got an amazing DSLR camera. Let's just call is a wedding gift... to myself. :) I can't wait to go to Filoli for a photo shoot. It must be gorgeous right now... *sigh*

Dearest and I are also planning a camping trip. We've both camped before, but somehow never together. I guess in the past 3 years we've been together, we haven't had the opportunity. It'll be... interesting. I wonder who will burn down the tent first. ;)

All in all, it's been an exciting past month! I can't wait to see what else is in store for us.

And... here's a pro-pic from the wedding. See my facebook for more. :)

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