Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food Tasting!

People only really go to weddings for the food, right? We had our food tasting for the wedding at the hotel tonight. All the food looked amazing and tasted so good. For hors d'voeurves we had crab cakes with a creole remoulade, portobello puffs (red peppers, cheese and mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry) and mini beef wellingtons. Dearest picked the beef wellingtons since we always watch Hell's Kitchen and they seem to be the hardest for the chefs to cook.
Entrees consisted of Sonoma chicken breast served with wild rice, zuchini and squash.
Alaskan halibut with a saffron beurre blanc over mashed potatoes with asparagus.

Herb crusted salmon with a citrus glaze over mashed potatoes served with broccoli and cauliflower.New York steak with a green peppercorn sauce served with yukon potatoes and green beans.
In the end we decided on the chicken, steak and salmon (with asparagus instead of broccoli). A little tip- the steak was by far the best and the salmon a close second. During cocktail hour, you'll be munching on crab cakes, portobello puffs and rosemary crusted lamb lollipops. Enjoy!

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