Thursday, August 25, 2016

Inkwell Press Planner 2017

I've used an Inkwell Press Planner for the past two years and I'm excited for the 2017 planner release next month! They're known for their amazing paper quality, as well as more elegant and understated colors. If you're interested in purchasing, here's a link for $10 off! 

I've transitioned through a couple different styles and will be using their new classic (vertical) layout.

Here's the flex or horizontal layout from 2015:

In 2016, I switched to the A5 inserts, which only came in the flex or horizontal layout. I'm a big fan of carrying extra stuff in my planner, like bills, stamps, coupons, or any important papers, which didn't work too well in the bound planner. The A5 binder has worked really well!

Here's a preview of the A5 classic (vertical) layout for 2017. Visually, the classic flows better in my mind, so this is great! I get the best of both worlds with the A5 inserts and the layout. I'm glad the hours have been left unlabeled- I'll use the bottom portion of each day to track my Etsy shop and the top will be more of the 9-5 hourly schedule for appointments, etc.

Each month comes with a mission board, or a way to break down your goals for the month!

If you like having a paper planner, I highly recommend them! :)


  1. I've been looking at those. I've been using Erin Condren for years, but thinking I might switch. Where did you get your A5 cover?

    1. I used Erin Condren before I switched. I wanted something with a more study cover and looked more "professional" I guess? EC's colors were too bold for me to feel comfortable taking it to a work meeting. lol.
      I have a Doki Book cover. I wasn't quite ready to spring for a Filofax or a Kikki K- both very popular, but on the expensive side. The Doki Book is $30, I got the large size. I know Carpe Diem is also popular and I think you can find those on Etsy. :)

  2. I love using planners! The brand I use starts with the month of July so I assume it's a student planner. I just got my new one last month and I decided to downsize to the smaller version. We'll see how this works!