Friday, April 8, 2016

Baby Lincoln: 2 Months

Happy 2 Months, Lincoln!

It's crazy to think that he's already 2 months old! Life has gone by both quickly and slowly (especially during those 3 am feedings). He's much more responsive and he actually looks at people instead of a blank stare. He's just starting to take an interest in toys, but he bores easily. He still hates to be put down and will only sleep in someones arms. I'm hoping he'll grow out of that soon. This mama's gotta get stuff done!

My hubby went on a week long business trip when the little guy was 5 weeks old, which really put my new-mama skills to the test. I was super nervous about him being gone, especially during the night. I'm happy to say we survived! I finally gave in to co-sleeping and now both me and baby get a lot more sleep. While the week alone was hard, it really helped me to bond with the baby and understand him a lot more.

Apparently this is comfortable for him

Age: 2 months
Weight: ~13 lbs. Our chunky monkey! My arms are getting a good workout. His 2 month Drs appt is next week, so we'll get an actual number then.
Length: I'm guessing about 21-22 inches.
Size: Mostly 3 month clothing, some 3-6 month onesies. Size 2 diapers.

Passed out in mama's lap

Eyes: His dark gray eyes are turning brown. He missed his daddy's green peepers.
Hair: Turning from black to brown.

He likes to hog the bed

Sleeping: He *hopefully* has one 4-5 hour stretch, then 3 hours, then 2 hours. Some nights he wakes up every 2 hours to eat.
Eating: During the day he eats every 2 hours, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. 

Milestones: He smiles at us now! His gummy grin melts my heart.
Memorable outings: A week before his 2 month bday, I went out shopping with just me and him! And we survived!!! I suppose that's more memorable for me. ;) 

We took him to where we used to live (Santa Cruz) to see friends and walk near the beach. He didn't seem all that interested.

His first photo with a Princess! Again, not that interested. Someday!
(Taken at his cousins' bday party)

Favorite toys/activities: He loves to look around. He always wants to be held facing out so that he can see things. He likes to look at the lights and our coat rack. I have no idea why. Haha.

Words/sounds: He is starting to try to talks and laugh, especially when he is happy and smiling. 
Nick names: Linc, Wiggly, Snuffaluffagus

Funny moments: There's been a lot! My husband has too much fun playing with the baby!

I love how he is looking at my husband with such trust!

Looking forward to: Sleeping longer at night! I'd love for him to sleep for one 6 hour chunk. :) I also can't wait for him to start to coo and giggle!

Cheers to another fun month!


  1. Aww, baby Lincoln is so cute! I love the sun glass pic.
    I do hope you get some more sleep!!!!

  2. TOO CUTE! It's hard to believe he's already 2 months old! Love all of the pics and that video made me laugh!