Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tinker Bell 10k : Race Recap

The Tinker Bell 10k holds a special place in my heart. This was the first runDisney race, actually first race, that I've ever run alone. I was super nervous about running by myself... but I really enjoyed it! No worries about keeping a certain pace and I could hop to the side to take a picture without having to keep track of my running buddy. Without further ado, here's my recap!

Tinker Bell 10k Race Recap

The Tinker Bell 10k started early on Saturday morning. I made my way over to the start line from my hotel on Harbor Blvd. I had to cross the esplanade (between the two parks) and go through Downtown Disney, but it was really easy and straight forward. 

Once at the end of Downtown Disney, I took a left and headed to the corrals. 

I didn't go into the runner pre-race area and just headed to my corral instead.

The area where the pre-race area feeds into the corrals was right between corrals D and E. I turned to the left and headed towards corral A. It was a long walk, but I was so excited- this was also my first time being in corral A! 

A pre-race photo. I figured I had to be Tink at some point during the weekend! I started towards the end of corral A. 

While waiting for the race to begin, I happened to meet Tracy (@ATurtlesPace) and her daughter, Dawnley (@Hipster_Runner). Tracy was so kind and gave me a #run3rd bracelet. Congrats to both on the race! :)

The race start and soon we were into Toon Town in Disneyland.

I love all the details, even in the backstage areas.

My first ever character photo during a race!!! So cool!

More Disneyland sunrise photos. When else can you experience this?

Chip & Dale! Sadly I don't know who is who.

Buzz! This one was for my hubby who's favorite character is Buzz. :)

No race is complete without a castle photo.

Heading down Main Street on our way to CA Adventure!

Running past The Little Mermaid ride in California Adventure.

Something to note- fellow racers are awesome! Every time I went to take a selfie, I had at least one other runner ask if they could take the picture for me. It was a mutual thing, everyone was helping each other out. So great!

Paradise Pier!

We exited the Disney property around mile 4 at Harbor Blvd and Disney Way. I've stayed at almost all the hotels on Harbor, so the course was very familiar to me- I think it helped to pass the time.

I also took the time to place a quick phone call to my husband! He was off on an adventure of his own (apartment hunting in Texas) and hearing his encouragement kept me going. :)

On Disney Way with about a mile to go!

The finisher's chute funnels into the Simba parking lot.

Finish line!!!

Tinker Bell 10k complete! 

I really enjoyed this race. The 10k distance was perfect and could even be my race distance of choice if I wasn't already hooked on half marathons. Most of the race was through the parks and the last couple miles were still on familiar roads. I truly took it easy and just went at my own pace with no time goals in mind. 

If you're a new runner considering a runDisney event, the Tinker Bell 10k is perfect for you. The distance is great- not too long, but still a challenge- and the course is so fun. Lots of photo ops and great theming. 

The next Tinker Bell 10k will be over Mother's Day in 2015!


  1. Congrats, Kim!! You got some amazing pics, and I love your Tink outfit! I can't believe this race was your first for character stops - I am so glad you were able to get a bunch of photo ops with them this time :0) Looks like it was a really fun course!

    1. Thanks, Lauren. I can't believe it was my first race photo ops, too! I've been missing out on so much!

  2. Looks like a great race! I did the first Tink and it holds a special place in my heart too. Hopefully I'll be able to come back to do Tinkerbell again!

    PS - Chip is the one with the black nose. Like a Chocolate Chip :)

    1. That's a great way to remember Chip! Thank you! :)