Saturday, August 17, 2013

Clif Bar Pace Team

* I was in no way compensated for this post, these opinions are purely my own. 

You've probably seen the Clif booth at the expo and the fuel passed out around mile 9 on the half marathon course, but did you also know that they have a pace team? 

If you're aiming for a certain time and want a friendly "guide" to pace you, the pace team is great. The pacers are spread out in the different corrals and in past years have held a stick with a small bunch of balloons taped to it along with the finish time they are pacing to. (Yes, these are non-scary balloon people. It's okay to be behind them.) 

I contacted the Clif Bar Pace Team to see where the pace folks will be in this year's race:

1:40  Corral A 
1:50  Corral A
2:00  Corral B
2:15  Corral C
2:30  Corral D
2:45  Corral D
3:00  Corral F

Pacing with them only works if you start with them OR... behind them. Which leads me to why I love these pace guys so much and how I achieved a 23 min PR. 

For the half marathon last year, I started in corral D towards the back. I knew the 2:30 pace guy was somewhere at the front of my corral, but I couldn't get to him. I made it my goal to catch up with him- and if I stayed with him until the end, I would meet my 2:30 goal with a little buffer as well.

And that's what I did. I was blazing through the beginning of the course, Dearest was even telling me I was going to burn out. Maybe it was the adrenaline or maybe I was so focused on finding the pace guy and his balloons on a stick, but it seemed so easy! We caught up with him right before mile 9 along the Santa Ana River Trail... and then passed him! 
I really have no idea what I'm doing with my hands... Lol. 

I would use the pace guy as a guide- if I saw him catching up to me, I knew I had to run faster. Anyway, this year I'll be taking the same approach- hopefully with the 2:15 pace guy!

You can sign up to run with the Clif Pace team via their website and I think you can also sign up at the expo. If you see them on the course, you can run with them as well. 

Do you pace yourself, follow a pace guide, or just go at your own pace? 


  1. I always start off following a pace guide just a little faster than I expect to run. I rarely keep up with them, but it's a challenge for a while!

    1. That's a good idea! I always have a bit more motivation when I'm chasing someone or someone is chasing me.

  2. I think you are doing Jazz Hands! LOL

    I'd love to stick with the 2:45 pacer this year- that was my goal before the injury. Maybe next time.

    1. LOL apparently I get a little delirious when running. ;)
      You still have plenty of opportunities for the 2:45 pace- Wine & Dine, Tink, the Princess half. :)

  3. Pace teams are so great! I didn't use them at the Princess Half, but I tried to stay with the 2:10 team for the Wounded Warrior. I fell behind but never saw the 2:15 pacer so I'm glad I was at least able to use them for reference and predicting my finish time. Plus, they are SO motivating!!

    Best of luck on the DL race this year - I am positive you will be able to stay with the 2:15 pacer!!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Fingers crossed I can keep up! :)

  4. How neat is that? I would have followed a pacer team in New Orleans but there were none....which really bummed me out. 2:15, you got this! Great strategy, too!! :0)

    1. Just another great perk of Disney races, huh? :)