Saturday, February 23, 2013

Race Shirt Turned Tote Bag

At every runDisney race, you get a tech/athletic shirt with a design indicating the race and year. Unfortunately the shirts are uni-sex, but really they're just mens. Even going with a small, the shirt is ill-fitting- the neck is too tight and everything else is way too baggy. Still, I keep the shirts to commemorate the race. 
I considered collecting enough to make a quilt out of them, but what would I do with the quilt? I already made a quilt for our bed and I don't think a mish-mash of tech shirts would look good on our living room couch. 
I wanted something functional that I could use. A duffel bag for traveling crossed my mind, but I finally settled on a tote bag of some sort. It could be used day-to-day, but would be especially fun to bring to the expo at this year's half marathon. 

I used a bright white to contrast the dark navy of the shirt. I used the main image as the front and relocated the "runDisney" from the sleeve to the other side of the bag. Pretty cute, huh? 

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