Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy -1 Anniversary!

This past week Dearest and I celebrated our -1 year anniversary of marriage! (Okay, okay, I might have been the only one celebrating.) We threw a house warming bbq last weekend because... you guessed it! We moved! After being rejected from the last apartment we applied for, we got a better place! There's so much more space and it's so sunny and bright that you can't really ever be in a bad mood here. Plus we're literally a block away from the beach. It's surfer town out here, so we're thinking about learning. The kitchen is so much bigger- Dearest and I can cook together now! We've been settling in nicely with our new furniture- another couch and a sweet dining table we found on craigslist. If you didn't make it down for the bbq, you are always more than welcome and we'd love to see you!

As far as the wedding goes, everything seems to be falling into place. Now that the one year mark has passed, I feel as though I need to get moving on other details. My current task- flowers. Who knew there were so many different options?!

School is.. almost over! I have exactly ten, yes count 'em, t.e.n. days of college classes left. Ever. And Dearest is very jealous. :) I've paid my dues and I'm so ready to be done! I'm going out by taking two classes that I'm excited about: travel writing and screen writing! We'll see if I'm still excited about all the writing I'll have...

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